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Waves - Sculpture

April 2018

For this particular project, as a class, we were each given a 2" x 4" that was approximately 8 feet long. We were then tasked to create a sculpture made only of this 2" x 4" inspired by our class visit to the Florida Museum of Natural History, located right on the University of Florida's campus. 

I was inspired by the koi pond/stream in the butterfly exhibit at the Natural History Museum. I wanted to focus on the water and the shapes and shadows it was creating due to the natural sunlight that comes in through the enclosure. I then had to think about how to maximize the amount of materials I had. I decided slicing up the wood to create many panels, would be a good way to create many wave shapes. These shapes were intended to create the look of the water in the koi pond. I decided to paint the panels a crisp blue in order for the shapes to be easily seen and also to reinforce the element of water in its pure form.

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