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Warby Parker's Annual Report Microsite

Visual System Development

Information + Web Design


Brief: Design the annual report for a company of your choice

Tasked to expand on existing brand guidelines and data visualization, I redesigned Warby Parker's 2018 Annual Report as a microsite. Warby Parker is a brand that has completely reshaped the eye-ware industry, making it "cool" to wear glasses. For those reasons I was excited to have my own take on Warby Parker's already fun and and expressive brand.  

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Screen Overview

Corporate Responsibility

About Page

Corporate Fact Sheet


Landing Page

This landing page is based on Warby Parker's free at home try-on program. Customers can go on to their website, pick out frames, and they're sent to their home to try on. This program was what Warby Parker first launched as a company and what made them so different and popular. I found it fitting for the website to start this way too. 

About Page

This about page includes brief bios on the four founders of Warby Parker and a timeline of major milestones for the company.

Corporate Fact Sheet

This FUN fact sheet includes Warby Parker's core values and different initiatives that were important to the company in 2018. This page includes a lot of fun illustrations in order to reinforce the excitement around these company facts.


Finances can be a somewhat boring subject so I made sure to make the material more engaging by including interactive infographics and illustrations. 

Corporate Responsibility

The corporate responsibility page is comprised of social and environmental responsibility sections.

Buying eyewear should leave you happy and good-looking, with money in your pocket. Glasses, sunglasses, and contacts—we’ve got your eyes covered.



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