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An Instant- Sculpture 

Spring 2018 / Shaping Space and Form

Approximately 3' x 2'

Wire + Tissue Paper 

This project focused on the use of line. We also had to draw inspiration from specimen jars; mine contained a small fish. I decided to focus on the movements of the fish. After some research, I came upon the idea of creating a shape that represents a split second in time: the fish quickly swimming away after being frightened. This moment is fast and you only see flashes of bubbles and parts of the fish. Which is how I came up with the shape of my piece. I incorporated both smooth round shapes that are associated with water imagery and then shapes that were sharper to represent the fish's fins. Material wise, I wanted to choose materials that would be destroyed in an instant when actually immersed in water. This is because I wanted the materials to also represent that short moment of time where the water is disturbed when the fish is fleeing. 

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