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Military Bowl Foundation: Website Redesign

Visual System Development


Team Members

Kendall Brandt

Lead Designer

Russell Livermore

Junior Developer


Shawn Noratel

Creative Director


Unlike any other bowl game, the Military Bowl Foundation’s new website presents a completely reimagined user-journey that allows visitors to navigate with ease through all that the Foundation, and the Military Bowl game, has to offer.The overall look of the new site is highly visual, aimed at keeping users engaged and interested in exploring all that the Military Bowl Foundation does. 


This new website truly benefits all types of users by providing them with valuable event day and team information as well as supporting the Foundation itself by educating users about the true value of their mission. Our partnership encompasses strengthening the Foundation’s mission, building further brand awareness, and connecting donors and the community with the organization. We are proud to support the Military Bowl Foundation in all that they do.

Desktop Layouts

When users land on the new website, they will be met with an interactive homepage that offers two options to explore: the Military Bowl game experience and the Military Bowl Foundation experience, which will also include the DC Touchdown Club and Patriot Point, the Foundation’s 294-acre retreat for recovering service members.

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02 Home - Military Bowl.jpg
05 FAQs - Interior Page FAQ expanded.jpg
03 Home - Military Bowl Foundation.jpg
06 News - Interior Page.jpg
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