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High School Mascot Redesign

Research + Illustration

Spring 2019 

Image Form + Meaning

Adobe Illustrator + Adobe Photoshop 

Project Scenario | "Hey, this is Yolanda from high school, remember me? I'm on the alumni council now and our old school needs to develop a new mascot but keep the school colors. It's a long story, something to do with trademarks. I hear you're into graphics now and might be willing to assist your alma mater with a new mascot."

Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 12.30.46

Queen Anne's County High School

I attended Queen Anne's County High School from Fall of 2012 to Spring of 2016. The high school is location in Centreville, Maryland. 

The current mascot of Queen Anne's is the Lion. The lion is paired with green and gold. I had always found that strange, since lions are not native to our area. Upon further research I discovered that the Queen Anne's County seal has two lions on either side of the crest. The county's actual name comes from the former Queen Anne of England. A statue of her stands in the middle of our town. 

To the left are several logos and images that are used across both the athletic and academic departments. While the lion represents the history of the county, I found it was not representative of the local area.



Process Sketches

Maryland is immediately associated with the blue crab, which is why I chose it as the new mascot. Maryland's  residents prize themselves on producing the best crabs on the east coast. The crab also symbolizes strength and aggression, perfect for a high school mascot. 


When coming up with iterations of the crab, I drew inspiration from other professional sports teams. I studied how the animal is translated into a logo and then a mascot with personality. 

IMG_7421 2_edited.jpg
IMG_7421 2_edited.jpg

Final Mascot + Main Logo


Athletics Logo


Additional Materials Created

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