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Packaging + Game Design + Motion Design

Best Guess is a card game that has a similar game play to the popular game Guess Who?  Two players play head to head trying to guess the other’s selected designer. Best Guess’ collection of designers range in age, gender, race, and expertise. Best Guess will help to familiarize players with graphic designers from throughout the ages that may not usually get recognition in the traditional classroom. 


How to Play:




Your object is to guess the mystery designer on your opponent’s card by asking one question per turn, and eliminating any designer cards that don’t fit the mystery designer’s description. 


On your turn you will either ask a question or guess the mystery designer. You must ask your opponent “yes” or “no” questions.


Players alternate turns asking questions until one player makes a guess. If you guess correctly-- or your opponent guesses incorrectly -- you win the game!


Individual Designer Illustrations

Designed to Help!

If you're brand new to Best Guess you may not know every designer that has ever lived! So, if you're having trouble guessing designers, there are icons on the front of ever card that individually correspond to the card's designer. The icons are recognizable from famous projects that the designer has worked on.


If you look to your right, there's Chip Kidd! His icon is the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex skull featured on the book cover for Jurassic Park that he designed. 


Pst! Another hidden hint. There's a world map on the back of every card that has the designers' hometown marked.

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